понедельник, 31 июля 2017 г.

A tour to a spacecraft launch

Somewhere in Kazakhstan among the almost deserted and unwelcoming land one of the largest spaceports spread out on many miles across. And not only it, but a whole town was founded on a land, previously not inhabited. Yes, you are right: we are talking about Baikonur! Some time ago we already posted some a story about Baikonur spaceport, claiming that a tour there could become one of the most unforgettable tours you ever had.

Manned launches happen not so often – only several times a year, and most of them are usually scheduled on summer time. Although, a space rocket launch has always been a very stressful process for all involved staff, this time everything went safe and clear. On 26th of July installation of a Russian spacecraft “Souyz-MC-05” was carried out just as planned. Tourists who booked our Baikonur tour accompanied its transportation to a processing facility then they visited “Proton” and Saturn Launching facilities, visit launching site num. 1, from which Yuri Gagarin, a First Man in Space, began his space journey! They had a unique tour to International Space school, walk through a memorable Alley of the Cosmonauts, planted by Russian/Soviet cosmonauts and astronauts from all over the world. And finally, they had a unique opportunity to see off 52nd international crew before their departure to ISS!

At 18:41 on 28th of July a Russian spaceship “Souyz-MC-05” successfully launched from a Baikonur spaceport. The crew of the spaceship supplemented a current crew of the International Space Station – USA astronauts Peggy Wilson and Jack Fisher and a Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin. This time a rocket carrier delivered Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli, NASA astronaut Randolph Bresnik and Russian cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy to an ISS. They are the prime crew of the 53rd expedition. Nespoli, Bresnik and Ryzanskiy are not new to the space: for Nespoli it is this 3rd flight, while Bresnik and Ryaznskiy have their 2nd visit to ISS.

If you didn't join this trip, do not be upset! The next manned launch is scheduled on 13th of September. Do not miss your chance to see spacecraft launch by yourself!

пятница, 14 июля 2017 г.

Mig-29 flights is 100% legal!

You probably might think that one cannot have a flight on a real fighter such as legendary “lightning” of Russian aviation – Mig29. That is totally wrong today. You can enjoy a flight on a real Mig even if you are not a military pilot and have zero flight experience!

MiG flight for tourists are performed absolutely legal, according to the Decree of the Russian government from 23rd of May 2005. As was mentioned in the Decree, not only Russian citizens can fly on Mig fighters, but also foreigners. The only one place in the world from where you are able to have a flight on a fighter is “Sokol” aircraft plant, located in Nizhny Novgorod.

It has been more than 10 years that we organize MiG flights for tourists all over the world. Safety is not only our top priority, but also a priority for “Sokol”plant – one of the oldest aircraft plants in Russia. Since 1925 only highly professional employees work there, and it is thanks to them, that the plant gained its respect among other enterprises of the aircraft industry.

It is, of course, neither fair nor wrong to state that our flights are 100% safe – there is always an insignificant chance of uptoward result of the flight. We organized more than 200 Mig-29 flights, and not a single one was ended due to the emergency situation, because of which a pilot had to cease a flight.

Experienced technical staff of Sokol plant scrutinize a fighter before each flight. Our pilots are honored with several thousands of flight hours experience. Whims of nature – rain, wind, snowfall won’t affect or cancel the flight. MiG-29 is all-weather 3-rd generation fighter constructed to perform its task any time of year.

суббота, 8 июля 2017 г.

MAKS 2017: one of the main events of 2017

The Confederacy cup is over, but Moscow still remain one of the most visited places in Russia. And although the weather is not so welcoming, there are at least two reasons why thousands of foreign tourists does not haste to leave Russian capital: high season and MAKS 2017.

MAKS 2017 is an international Aviation and Space airshow, which usually take place at Zhukovsky airfield, located 40 kilometers far from Moscow. First MAKS (stands for: International and Aviation Show in Russian) was first held in 1993. The primal aim of MAKS airshow is to demonstrate latest Russian technologies and products connected with air and space. Nowadays MAKS is one of the biggest airshows and aircraft exhibitions in Europe and the biggest in Eastern Europe.

This year the airshow takes place in 6 days – from 18th of July to 23rd of July. On 18th of July the airshow will be opened only for government members and foreign official delegations.

MAKS is not only a spectacular show, but also a main event for those who are interested in buying Russian high technologies and investing in it. From19th and 20th of July the airshow will be available only for business and VIP guests.

But MAKS could be interesting not only to entrepreneurs, but also to ordinary tourists. One of the main features of the airshow is the performance of aerobatic teams from all over the world. From 21st of July to 23rd of July everyone is able to enjoy the show.

Majority of foreign aerobatic teams pilot training or sport aircraft, while Russian participants perform their flight on real military aircrafts. Thus the central event of the whole airshow is an aerobatic flight program of Russian teams such as “Strizhi” (“The Swifts”) and “Russkie Vityazi” (“The Russian Knights”). “Strizhi” is a world-famous aerobatic group consisted of MiG-29 (“Fulcrum-C”, according to the NATO codification) – real military fighter jets, which agility and speed, strengthened by an incredible skill of pilots, allow to demonstrate various and complicated aerobatic maneuvers, such as “barrel”, “tail slide”, “hammerhead” and others. It is even able to rise to the altitude of 16-17 kilometers above the ground!

For those truly interested in aviation and space MAKS 2017 will be an undoubted “must see” event. It is also a great reason to visit Russia, if you haven’t done it yet. The airshow could be interesting not only for aviation lovers, but also for everyone loving high technologies, spectacle and speed!

We offer 6-day MAKS tour and 4-day MAKS tour, which includes not only attendance of this incredible airshow for 2 or 3 days, but also sightseeing tour over Moscow, Monino museum tour and a lot more!

Contact us and book now while we still have available reservations!

пятница, 7 июля 2017 г.

To see Earth from 17 kilometers altitude

Is it possible to see an Earth from 17 kilometers altitude? Regular airliners are unable to fly on such altitudes. Only meteorological aerostats are durable enough to get that high. However, they are entirely not suitable for a manned flight. Even if they are reassembled to contain a human tourist who’s willing to fly to the higher layers of Earth atmosphere (which are called the Stratosphere), there still is a risk that he’ll freeze out. The temperature in Stratosphere does not rise above -56,5 Celsius degrees.

Seems that the conclusion is obvious – only a manned spacecraft is able to get that high. However, it is not exactly so: you can get to the Stratosphere even by a fighter. Yes, by a real fighter MiG-29, which brethren now guard Russian state borders!

We offer you a unique opportunity to see amazing views of landscapes spreading far down below. You will enjoy mysterious blackness of space, not going out of Earth boundaries!

And there is no need to pass a special pilot training course and obtain iron health is not necessary too. Almost everyone from 18 years old can have a flight. The main health restrictions are: hypertension, barotraumas, surgical operations on heart, brain and spine.

In addition to the Stratosphere flight aerobatics and low-altitude pass are also included in the program. If you are a true extreme-lower, if you want to experience something way new and different or, on the contrary, prefer calm flight, we will take into account your tastes and elaborate a program especially for you!

You will probably want to recall your memories about a flight, and to take photos and shoot video of an adventure of your whole life. But unfortunately, photo and video shooting (even by a smartphone) is strictly prohibited. As one of additional options we can provide you with a professional photo and video shooting, footage from GoPro cameras, fixed on a helmet and also making it into a full movie!

MiG-29 flights could become an ideal present for those of your friends, who are into an aviation, space and stars! You can buy a gift certificate and present it on their birthdays or other significant days.

To present a dream – isn’t it an ideal gift?\

пятница, 30 июня 2017 г.

The most popular MiG-29 flight program

For years the most popular MiG-29 flight program has been “Edge of Space” &Aerobatic flight in a MiG-29. The program is often booked not only by Russian, but also by foreign tourists. The main feature of this program is that you can have a thrilling trip to a Stratosphere which is an upper layer of the Earth atmosphere on an altitude of 11-50 kilometers. Regular civil airliners are unable to fly on such a height and there is no thick stream of clouds. If one looks up, one can see a darkness of space behind a rarefied air. On such an altitude tourists could see fascinating landscapes of Earth and even its curvature

During the flight you, while technically staying on Earth, feel like you’re almost bail in space. If you have always been dreaming to be a cosmonaut or a military pilot, then MiG 29 flight could perform your most desired dreams of your whole life! Especially when health requirements for our tourists are not that strict as for real military pilots. 

After a Stratosphere trip the flight program is not over! The fighter descends to a “regular” altitude (several kilometers) and then performs aerobatics maneuvers such as: “Aerobatic Loop”, “Tailslide”, ”Immelman turn”, “Combat Turn” and others. Aerobatic program will be elaborated especially for a client, his desires and health condition.

To capture an amazing view from Mig29 cockpit and also your emotions during the flight, we can offer you Professional Photos and Videо of your entire trip and flight itself! Additional helmet camera could also be an additional option you would like to book since any recording equipment (even smartphones) is prohibited during your flight trip. Filming and making a movie out of the shot footage (briefing, flight equipment and helmet fitting) are included in the price of these additional options!

Book your flight adventure now, while there are available dates!

среда, 28 июня 2017 г.

What are the health requirements for MiG-29 flights?

Health requirements are one of the most frequent asking questions from our tourists. The question is reasonable: our MiG 29 is a real air fighter piloted by a 1st class pilots, who have thousands of hours as their flight experience. One might think, that a tourist should be as tough as a pilot, as he is to endure multiple overloads.

But please be sure: no special requirements are needed! Every person who is 18 years old, with weight less than 110 kilos and height smaller than 2,05 meters could enjoy a flight! You don’t have to worry about your age either: there is in fact no ultmost age to which Mig29 flights are allowed. Some time ago some of our clients almost 80 years old successfully finished their flights!

Probably the only health requirements that actually matters are undergone surgeons on health, brain, spine, barotraumas, hypertension (pressure more than 200). Special medical report is not needed for Mig flights. Before the flight you will undergo a mandatory medical examination and be accepted for the flight.

In case if you worry you might feel sick during the flight, you can inform your pilot before the flight. He will pick an optimal set of aerobatic maneuveres, that will personally satisfy you.

During the flight you will have a stable communication link with your pilot. In case if you feel some distress, the pilot will stabilize the fighter and lower the G loads. Oxygen coming from a breath mask will also help to avoid discomfort.

Reserve and book MiG-29 flights now, because later flight dates could be unavailable! 

пятница, 23 июня 2017 г.

How can one book a MiG-29 flight?

One of the coolest and extreme adventures of this summer is a flight on MiG-29 – legendary fighter which is known and recognizable worldwide just as Ak-47 and T-34 tank. If you have decided to book a flight, but don’t know how - here is a simple action plan of how to do it:

1. You have to choose a flight program you would like to experience. We offer three programs:

- First program is called “Subsonic Aerobatic Flight in MiG-29”. The program includes supersonic flight with a performance of aerobatic maneuvers such as “Aerobatic Loop”, “Tailslide”, ”Immelman turn”, “Combat Turn” and others. The length of a program is 25 minutes.

- Second is called “Supersonic Aerobatic Flight in MiG-29”. It includes  a supersonic flight (with a speed 2100 kilometers per hour!) with multiple aerobatic maneuvers. The pilot will discuss flight maneuvers with you before taking a flight. The length of a flight is 40 minutes.

- Third program is called "Edge of Space" Flight & Aerobatics in MiG-29”. It is consisted of two parts: during the first part you will rise up to the altitude of 18 kilometers right in the Stratosphere. There you will enjoy fascinating views of Earth curvature, clouds, skies, bewitching darkness of the Space and blazing Sun! After it, you will descend down to a “regular” height, and the fighter will perform aerobatic maneuvers. The program lasts for 40 minutes as well.

2. After you have chosen your program you have to choose carefully your flight date. Please remember, that our MiG-29’s take off from an airfield of the “Sokol” aircraft plant. You need a special clearance allowing you to enter the plant, which is a state-owned enterprise. The clearances arrangements (included in prices of a flight) took nearly 60-65 days.

3. Finally, to complete making a reservation for your MiG-29 flight we will need your scanned passport and filled in questionnaire. Please contact us via and we will send you a questionnaire.

That is it! Remember, that once you decided to book a flight, inform us ASAP – your desired date could be already reserved by another tourist!