пятница, 23 июня 2017 г.

One of the coolest and extreme adventures of this summer is a flight on MiG-29 – legendary fighter which is known and recognizable worldwide just as Ak-47 and T-34 tank. If you have decided to book a flight, but don’t know how - here is a simple action plan of how to do it:\

1. You have to choose a flight program you would like to experience. We offer three programs:

- First program is called “Subsonic Aerobatic Flight in MiG-29”. The program includes supersonic flight with a performance of aerobatic maneuvers such as “Aerobatic Loop”, “Tailslide”, ”Immelman turn”, “Combat Turn” and others. The length of a program is 25 minutes.

- Second is called “Supersonic Aerobatic Flight in MiG-29”. It includes  a supersonic flight (with a speed 2100 kilometers per hour!) with multiple aerobatic maneuvers. The pilot will discuss flight maneuvers with you before taking a flight. The length of a flight is 40 minutes.

- Third program is called "Edge of Space" Flight & Aerobatics in MiG-29”. It is consisted of two parts: during the first part you will rise up to the altitude of 18 kilometers right in the Stratosphere. There you will enjoy fascinating views of Earth curvature, clouds, skies, bewitching darkness of the Space and blazing Sun! After it, you will descend down to a “regular” height, and the fighter will perform aerobatic maneuvers. The program lasts for 40 minutes as well.

2. After you have chosen your program you have to choose carefully your flight date. Please remember, that our MiG-29’s take off from an airfield of the “Sokol” aircraft plant. You need a special clearance allowing you to enter the plant, which is a state-owned enterprise. The clearances arrangements (included in prices of a flight) took nearly 60-65 days.

3. Finally, to complete making a reservation for your MiG-29 flight we will need your scanned passport and filled in questionnaire. Please contact us via our email: jet@tour-space.com and we will send you a questionnaire.

That is it! Remember, that once you decided to book a flight, inform us ASAP – your desired date could be already reserved by another tourist!

пятница, 16 июня 2017 г.

MiG-29 flights is a unique adventure in Russia

Mig29 flights is a unique adventure in Russia, rapidly gaining popularity not only among Russian citizens, but also among tourists from all over the world!
Flight on a real Mig-29 jet fighter could be an incredible adventure, which will create lots of unforgettable impressions. MiG-29 is a multi-role combat aircraft, adopted by the Soviet Government in 1983 as a brand new 4th generation soviet fighter jet. It is still guarding the borders of nowadays Russia. Usually it is prohibited for civilians to perform a flight on combat fighters or any other military aircraft.

But we, “Country of Space Tourism LTD” touristic operator company provides unique opportunity to have a flight on MiG29. You will rush through the skies on a speed of 2100 kilometers per  hour, dash upwards, feeling gripping overloads from 2 to 7 G’s. You will then find yourself in a Stratosphere on an altitude of 18 kilometers from the Earth surface. From such a height you will be able to enjoy amazing views of Earth curvature, darkness of Space and blazing Sun.

After a thrilling flight in Stratosphere, the fighter descends down and perform aerobatics: “Loop”, “Tailslide”, “Hammerhead”, “Combat turn”, “Barrel Roll” and others. Mig-29 then sweeps in just 200 meters from the ground!

Mig-29 flights are absolutely legal and are conducted in accordance with Degree of the Russian Government of 2005. The flight takes off from an airfield of the “Sokol”aircraft plant in Nizhny Novgorod city. The plant was founded in 1929 and now is one of the biggest in Russia. Experienced technical staff inspects MiG-29’s condition on a regular basis and it undergoes checkup before every flight.

Do not hesitate, and book Mig-29 flights now. Only few dates in October, November and December are free for booking!

среда, 7 июня 2017 г.

Bad Weather is not a hindrance for your MiG-29 flight!

When all necessary preparations are done long ago, vacations formalized, date is picked and reserved, and documents needed to receive a clearance to the “Sokol”aircraft plant are handled, you are anxiously wait for your flight. But suddenly you realize that bad weather can delay or even cancel you trip. But do not worry: rain and gusty wind, high humidity, heavy skies, cold – all this won’t be able to become a real reason for a cancellation of your dream trip which is a Mig 29 flight!

MiG 29 – is a all-weather front line jet fighter of 4th generation, designed to perform flights even in adverse weather conditions. For more than 10 years there was not a single flight cancellation because of bad weather. Even if the wind starts or the rain increases when our client comes to the “Sokol” plant, by the moment he climbs into the cockpit of Mig-29, the weather becomes better. Tourists successfully enjoyed their flight in rain, snowing and even wind! In case of particular bad weather, the flight could be delayed no more than on one or two hours.

The one thing that can really differ if the weather is not good - is an opportunity to watch amazing views of Nizhny Novgorod city and beautifull woodlands, lakes, rivers when the fighter flies over them. If you book an "Edge of Space" flight to the Stratosphere, you can anytime enjoy amazing views of Sun and Earth!

Book MiG-29 flights now, while there are still unreserved dates!

среда, 31 мая 2017 г.

MiG-29 flights – book right now!

The summer is about to begin – hurry up and book a flight on a Russian jet fighter MiG29. The flights are performed in Nizhny Novgorod city, Russia.

Two days ago we wrote about a largest aircraft producing “Sokol” plant, its foundation and development. It is “Sokol” plant that owns the only MiG fighter in the whole world that performs flights for civilians. MiG takes off from a special airfield which is a part of “Sokol”’s territory. The plant is a highly secure area and entrance to which is prohibited for unauthorized personnel and civilians. In order to enjoy a flight on MiG-29, one should be granted a clearance. We arrange clearances only for our clients. Usually it takes 65 days for foreign tourists to get their clearances. 

For a clearance arrangements we need only 2 documents: scanned copy of an international passport (and passports of flight tourist’s family members and friends, if they are accompanying him) and a filled in questionnaire (also for accompanying persons too).

We recommend to plan your flight as soon as possible, because our flight schedule is very tight, especially during the summer season. Summer is a time of vacations, fine weather, as well as a traditionally high season, coupled with a Confederacy 2017 cup. This year by the end of May we have already scheduled our flight grid.

Unfortunately it is prohibited to take photos and record video within a territory of a plant, even by a smartphone. You can book a professional photo and video shooting, as well as a movie montage as a additional option to your flight.

Hurry up to join our 300 tourists that had already enjoyed their flights! In order to make a reserve, please, contact us.

понедельник, 29 мая 2017 г.

About “Sokol” aircraft plant – the one place where you can try out flights on MiG-29

Only few know, that in Russia, an ordinary tourist can experience a flight on MiG-29 jet – famous Cold-War era fighter, designed in 1983. MiG-29 flight is included in a top 10 coolest adventures in the world.

MiG29 was adopted by Soviet High command and it was used all over USSR not only until its collapse but long after it. Now the fighter is used by military forces of many countries - not only by Russia and former USSR republics, but also by former Soviet allies. More than 18 000 Mig-29’s was produced since 1983.

Although MiG29 was adopted by military services of many countries, Russia is now the only place where civilians are able not only to touch the fighters but also to ride them and fly to the Stratosphere! Flights are performed on an airfield of a Russian “Sokol” aircraft plant. It is located in just 421 kilometers from Moscow right in the center of Nizhny Novgorod city.

The plant has a long history. It was founded in 1931 as one of the largest aircraft producing plants in the world at that time. During the World War 2 the plant manufactured more than 17,5 thousand warplanes. In the following years till the collapse of the USSR Sokol plant was fabricating MiG warplanes and early supersonic air fighters. From 1992 the plant fabricated more than 13,5 thousand Mig supersonic fighters which were supplied to 30 countries.

As for the recent 10 years the plant is offering unique touristic flights for civilians from all over the world. Now the total amount of its employees is estimated 5300 people working on a plant – not only administrative, scientific, technical and engineering staff, but also 1st class test pilots.  They will show you aerobatics and amazing piloting skills! More than 300 tourists experienced our unique adventure.

Join them now! August flight dates are reserved; we are now receiving bookings for autumn and winter. If you are planning your summer-time trips to Russia, you can book Zero Gravity flight, which scheduled on 24th and 25th of August.

пятница, 26 мая 2017 г.

One of the best adventures of this summer

While others plan their ordinary holidays on a bank of warm and tropical seas, which were actually been seen by many others, we offer you a truly unique adventure. One of the best adventures of this summer is MiG-29 flight. Nowhere in the world can you have a flight on a real Russian jet fighter, various modification of which is still in service in Air Forces of Russia and other countries since 1983.

The best time for flights is, but no doubt, a summer. The warm weather allows you not to freeze out while you are waiting for the pre-flight preparation is over. Clear weather which is often typical for summer time allows you to truly enjoy amazing views during the Mig29 flight in Stratosphere (“Edge of Space” program) and during the performance of aerobatics. Don’t please forget to book an additional option of Professional Photo and Video shooting as well as filming the whole process – from your arrival to a departure from the Sokol aircraft producing plant!

Finally, it is summer time that is good for walking through Nizhny Novgorod city and see its sights: Nizhny Novgorod’s Kremlin, Volga river bank, Church of Holy Lady, Alexander Nevsky’s Cathedral, State Bank building and others! The tour over Nizhny Novgorod includes accommodation, individual excursion, transfer and services of personal guide-interpreter.

To perform a flight on MiG-29 you don’t necessary need to have endurance or skills of a pilot, good health or special education.  The important conditions are the following: age from 18 to 78, height no more than 205 sm, weight no more than 110 kilos, no hypertension, barotraumas or surgical operations on heart, spine or brain.

Book flights now while there are available 
dates! Remember that for non-Russian citizens preparations of clearances needed to enter the “Sokol” plant could take up to 14 days.

пятница, 19 мая 2017 г.

Mig-29 flights as an extreme adventure

Extreme adventures is a great way to get distracted from our everyday routine and troubles, free up your brains and shake mind.

Skydiving, ropejumping, African safari – all this has long been trivial and common. Have you ever dreamt about a truly unforgettable adventure, full of unusual feelings, the one you can proudly tell about your friends and cared ones? Now you can experience unique kind of extreme tourisms – flight on a real Russian fighter jetMiG-29. The fighter is able to reach speed up to 2500 kilometers per hour (more than 2.4 Mach), to perform the most complicated aerobatics and even climb up to 18 kilometers. From such an altitude it seems like the jet reached open space, as the rarefied atmosphere is colored in a dark blue, the bright Sun is not covered with clouds, while from the cockpit one can even see the Earth curvature!

Mig29 flight to Stratosphere (“Edge of Space”) is a unique adventure, available only in Russia! Our company partners with Russian “Sokol” aircraft producing plant, which provides jets for touristic flights. “The flights are absolutely legal, as our company is operating in accordance with Government Degree of 2005.

Almost everyone can enjoy Mig-29 flight – special pilot training and skills are not needed at all. Restrictions for a flight is negligible: age from 18, height no more than 205 santimeters, weight no more than 110 kilograms, no spine or brain surgical operations, and pressure not over 180. Both Russian and foreign citizens are able to fly.

MiG-29 flight could be an amazing gift! Along with unforgettable emotions and impressions we give you a Gift certificate. Date, time of a flight, duration, performed maneuvers and other details about a flight will be recorded in it.

You have to book a flight 65 days before the desirable flight date. So please book flight now!