пятница, 15 апреля 2016 г.

MiG-29 flight – is it safe? No worries, everything is under control!

I’m sure, some of you are eager to take a MiG-29flight, but maybe a bit afraid of it, thinking about the safety of MiG-29 flight, or about the pilots - are they good enough for that.

First of all, let me assure you, our MiG-29 is maintained under appropriate conditions and regularly pass technical inspection. Moreover, all procedures are taking place at “Sokol” air plant, where the aircraft was produced. Is there any better place for that? And Russian planes are famous for their reliability. For example, TU-134 a soviet civil airplane is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, because there were no accidents caused by technical failure for over 35 years of operation. And if we talk about our flights, we’re conducting such flights for over 10 years and haven`t had a single case of dangerous situation.

Secondly, our pilots rank amongst the best, all having thousands hours of flight experience. During your flight you’ll have direct contact with the pilot and he can easily adjust flight program in case you feel uncomfortable of unsafe.

Thirdly, before the MiG-29 flight, you’ll go through detailed preparations and get all required instructions even on how to use your oxygen mask and ejection seat. So no worries about safety. Everything is under control!

среда, 6 апреля 2016 г.

This is a MiG-29 military jet flight after all, forget your normal holidays at the seaside!

   Extreme adventures industry is growing rapidly. Our company offers a wide range of unique tours that last from couple of hours to a couple of weeks, so that everyone could find suitable option. One of the key factors when choosing how to spend summer holidays is the price.

Prices for a flight in MiG-29 start from 11500 Euro. Let`s have a look, what MiG-29 flight price consists of and isn`t it too much for a 40-minutes flight?

   First of call, let`s count price of fuel: the military jet isn`t your Prius Hybrid and spends over 3500 Kg of fuel for 1-hour flight. It accounts for 2000 Euro approximately for 40-45-minutes flight. Then let`s evaluate depreciation of the aircraft. MiG-29 was designed with 4000-6000 hours of service life. The cost of MiG-29 jet is $30 million, which accounts for 5000 Euro for 1-hour flight. Add the sum of all wages paid to the employees (over 100 employees involved in the conduction of MiG-29 flight) – another 3000 Euro. And we haven`t yet mentioned all the work that we conduct to obtain all required permissions.

   Yes, MiG-29 flights are quite expensive, but this is what makes them unique. This is a MiG-29 military jet flight after all, forget your normal holidays at the seaside!

четверг, 31 марта 2016 г.

Here is the plan for summertime holidays!

The spring has come, holiday season is coming! For those, who are not decided yet, there is a chance to take a flight in a legendary MiG-29!

  As everybody knows, MiG-29 is truly a masterpiece of Soviet/Russian engineering. Over 1600 aircrafts have been produced so far, and despite the fact that they are produced since 1982, there are still hundreds of them in service in Russian army and other countries. Moreover, 16 modernized MiG-29 SMT ordered on by Russian Air Forces to be delivered by the end of 2016.

  Hundreds of our tourist has already taken unique “Edge of Space” Flight & Aerobatics program, check the website and our Youtube channel to see the faces of our tourists while fighter jet is gaining altitude.

  In case you don`t you, there is a unique fact about MiG-29 fighter jet. It possess a record of gaining altitude speed (over 300 meters per second).

  I bet, after watching these videos some of you may change your mind, and the flight won`t look too expensive for such adventure. Hurry up and book your flight in advance for summertime visits, as we need at least 65 days to obtain special permission.

четверг, 28 января 2016 г.

Flight to the Stratosphere – the most popular program among tourists!

It is well known that not only pilots can take a MiG-29 flight, but also normal people like you and me, even if you’re not an aviation enthusiast. It is a common mistake, though, to think that a flight in a MiG-29 is just a flight with acrobatic maneuvers, that’s not true. This legendary jetfighter offers many other possibilities.

As a matter of fact, from the many kinds of flights one can take in the MiG-29, one of them is the Flight to the Stratosphere with Acrobatic Maneuvers. This flight program is the most purchased and popular nowadays, even if it’s more expensive than the standard Acrobatic Maneuvers Flight. But the price delivers the adventure to its full extent! Because only during this flight you have the chance to fly to the Stratosphere in a jetfighter up to 18 km of altitude, what cannot be accomplished in a normal civilian airplane. After the plane has lowered the altitude, you may perform awesome acrobatic maneuvers --  “Flying Inverted”, ”Hammer Head”, “Roll”, “Loop”, all of which will take your breath away!

A lot of people may thing that they are already too old to perform this flight, it’s a common place to think that only young and trained people are entitled to this adventure, the MiG-29 flight. But this is another common mistake! We have had tourists older than 70 years old that have taken the flight just like anyone else! The only requirements to take the flight in a MiG-29 are past heart and brain surgeries. Most of our tourists have never flown an airplane before and were not trained, a lot of them were women, most of which had only ever flown a civilian airplane until then. Of course, the preparation for the MiG-29 can improve your experience during the performance of the acrobatic maneuvers, since you will be experiencing some serious gs!

Officially the flights take place only in Nizhny Novgorod. And if you think this is too far away from where you are now, we can say that we have tourists not only from Russia, but from all over the world, from countries such as USA, Australia, Brazil – for these tourists taken a transatlantic flight was no boundary or limitation for them to come to Russian and fly the MiG-29, it was just a part of realizing their dream!

понедельник, 18 января 2016 г.

Adventures in Russia in New Year!

New 2016 year started, but no matter for long and cold  winter, tourists actively coming to Russia , to make MiG29 Flight! Most of  tourists make their choice and book their Adventure – MiG-29 Flight.

We summarized the results of 2015 year. It was very active and interesting  year! We organized several group Zero Gravity Flight, organized several groups for Air Show Maks 2015, and more than 50 tourists from all other the World did their MiG29 Flight to Stratosphere in 2015 year!

These lucky fans of extreme, realized their dream about most exciting adventures in their life! Because Flight to Stratosphere in MiG29 is really unforgettable experience, which you could have and experience!

During aerobatics of MiG29 Flight, you will feel overloads  from 4 to 7G . When you reach Stratosphere, you see amazing view to our beautiful Earth on altitude 17km and light curvature of the Earth and bright sun! You feel like pilot of cool and powerful jet fighter Mig 29.

Most of fans of aviation and extreme even don’t know about this adventure, that is why for them it is really a big surprise!

You also make a decision to fly in MiG29 to Strstopsphere?

Everything is easy!

You chose date for MiG29 Flight, and send us request to email!
And you have done one step on way of realization your Lifetime Adventure!
2016 year going to be really interesting and active!

понедельник, 11 января 2016 г.


We all start A New Year with resolutions, new plans, new items in our bucket list and with the will to fulfill our dreams and gather incredible memories. It is no news that this can mean a new trip, a new adventure. A lot of people will instantly think of parachute, skydiving, rock climbing, safaris, diving, and so on. But we propose to leave these old worked out kinds of extreme sport in the past year, what if you could fly a real MiG-29 jet fighter? That’s sure unlikely anything you have ever heard of!

Where? Who? How? How much?
Our Company, Country of Tourism, is located in Moscow, Russia, we have been organizing jet fighter flights in a MiG-29 for more than 10 years. We are proud to say we are pioneers in this field, that’s because these kinds of flights in aRussian jet fighter MiG-29 are only held in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Over this time period more than 240 tourists have taken the flight, and were amazed every time.

Anyone who’s aged between 18 and 75 years old, with height less than 205 cm, may take the MiG-29 flight. A lot of our clients are worried about their age, since it’s a common place to think only young and strong people are entitled to this adventure to the Stratosphere, that’s not true. We have had tourists of every single age group, and they went through the exact amount of adrenaline. In fact, we keep a session of Impressions from our clients in our website, you may read them here >> http://www.bestrussiantour.com/impressions
Another common questions regards the health restrictions, they are limited to heart, brain, spine surgeries and hypertension. We advise you to contact us with the exact diagnosis, if there is one, and we will consult out airbase physician.

Of course the flights are operated in the Russian airbase Sokol, it is a restrict territory. We need, therefore, time to issue all the permits for your day at the airbase, this takes exact 65 calendar days. That means if you send your documents (copy of passport, fulfilled blank) to us today, you will be able to take the flight the earliest in two months.
Prices range from 11500 to 16500 euros, and the payment conditions can vary depending on your flight date.
Amazed? And that’s not even the half of it! We organize Zero Gravity flights and excursions to the Cosmonaut Training Center, where you may try out all the space simulators that are used by real astronauts.

All in all, we offer the most unique, extreme adventures to our tourists from all over the world. More info at >> www.fly-mig29.com
See you in Moscow!