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MiG-29 flights: perform the dream of your life!

As we already said our clients are different people: lawyers, surgeons, entrepreneurs, managers. And although all of them have a dream to have a flight on MiG-29 flight, probably the most passionate flight-loving people are commercial pilots.

Not that long time ago we arranged a flight for one of our clients who had been dreaming for a jet flight for over 60 years! He grew up on Canadian Air Force bases in Canada and Europe and watched and dreamed that someday he will surely have a ride on one of the beautiful steel birds called military jet fighters and to see the natural beauty of Earth curvature.

But upon graduating the university he was told that his eyesight was not good enough to join the military pilots ranks. So the years were passing. When he learned he could perform a flight of all his life, he hesitated not a single minute and book a flight.

The Client was so happy that he said that nothing – even the Safari in Africa and Caymen and diving with sharks – could come even close to what he had experienced!

He left us a feedback where he mentioned: “The “Trip in Russia with MiG-29 flight” was great with the tours and the accommodations and escorted so well you never have to think of a thing but the joy of being there for the thrill of a lifetime. Everyone I met was gracious and friendly. I could not have had a better experience unless I was still flying!.. Yet there is a disappointment - one had to leave and come home. But the memories live on; the bond has been set between them and I; and today...yes even now I hear the soundtrack of “Top Gun” and know I have been there ….done that!!”

среда, 1 февраля 2017 г.

Amazing Aerobatics in MiG-29

Have you ever seen the aerobatics on Air Shows? Beautiful maneuveres were performed by professional pilots and on sport jets. Fascinating from down there isnt it? But we can assure you: it is even more amazing, when you are not standing on the ground but sitting in the cockpit!

Yes, it is pretty much possible to enjoy an aerobatics in MiG-29 legendary jetfighter! MiG-29 "Fulcrum" is a world known aircraft jet for its maneuverability and lightning speed. During the flights in MiG-29 the aicraft is able to perform several figures such as “Flying Inverted”, ”Hammer Head”, “Roll”, “Loop”, "Combat Turn" and others.

"Flying Invented" maneuver is basically a turn-down flight, when you are able to see the ground survace from upside down! Its probably the least complicated figure. Hammer head maneuver is a vertical flight with a sudden turnaround in the air, while "Roll" is a horizontal flip. "Loop" (or Nesterov's Loop) is commonly widespread maneaver first introduced by a Russian pilot Pyotr Nesterov: a plane accomplish a round in the air and then returns back to the normal altitude. "Combat turn" is a side turn with simultaneous ascent in the air.

All the maneuvers are implemented by professional Russian honored pilots.

Our company has been arranging MiG-29 flights for more than 10 years. Aerobatic maneuvers are included in all three our flight programs

пятница, 27 января 2017 г.

What you should know before the flight on MiG-29

So, the tickets are bought, clothes packed, and your excitement level is over top.
The day before the flight on MiG-29 you need come to Nizhny Novgorod city either by yourself, either accompanied by our representative (if you booked a 3-day to Nizhny Novgorod city or 5-day tour to Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod city).

Well, first of all, you should relax and take a deep breath — nothing is going to happen with you on the next day during the flight. Our flights are absolutely legal and safe. During almost ten years arranging the flights on MiG-29 we hadn’t have a single accident both in skies and on the ground! Your flight is insured for the flight time.

Take a break — do not overload yourself before the flight with excessive physical activity for you must be rested. We recommend you to sleep well before the flight day.

Do not drink alcoholic drinks before the flight! Alcohol may not only oppress your neural system, but also to raise your blood pressure, which is vital to those who suffer from high blood pressure. Not to mention that alcohol will blunt all impressions from the flight of your dream!

We recommend you not to eat fat food for breakfast – have a light meal. Overloads you experience during the flight may affect your vestibular apparatus in case if your stomach will be too full. Dont worry about overloards - before the flight the guest discusses with the pilot all the details of the flight program including the overloads for each maneuver which he will perform in your MiG-29 flight program.

Don’t forget to take changing clothes with you – after the flight you may want to take a shower and refresh yourself.

That is pretty much it. If you have any questions, you can read FAQ or send us the message via email or Jivosite.

Have nice weekends!

среда, 25 января 2017 г.

Who are our tourists for Mig-29 flights?

They all are different people: men and women, tall and small, slim and plump, young and aged. Lawyers, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, architectures, surgeons... They come from all over the world: USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil, India, France and other countries. You would probably ask: what is common between them?

We can give answer to you: they all realized their great Dream – to have a ride in a real MiG-29 jetfighter. Although all of our customers are ordinary people, they love extreme, adventure, speed and, of course, aviation. That why they chose to perform a flight in MiG-29.

One of our Customers (no names, sorry), from Switzerland, for example, have been dreaming to fly on MiG-29 for 30 years. He easily passed our health requirements, and when he knew that during the flight a passenger could experience up to 6G’s overload, he had no worries about that — a former bobsledder in the past, he endured 4-5, even 8 G very well!

Another one from Sweden, who was very excited when he had realized that via our services he could legally perform fly trip to Stratosphere with a subsonic speed. The planned MiG-29 flight program “Edge of Space” became so important to him, that he had been working out for some time before his trip to Nizhny – he had been running, rowing, biking and practicing yoga!

Some of our Customers are pilots or have a piloting license. By the way, if you are a professional pilot, you can take your personal pilot log with you and we can add a special entry in it stating that you officially performed a training flight on MiG-29 fighter jet.

So if you ever wanted to experience a real flight in MiG-29 jetfighter, but didn’t know how and where you were able to do it, contact us. We will provide you with additional instructions about the booking process.

You can come to Russia not only to have a flight on MiG-29, but also to enjoy tours: 5-day tour over Moscow or 3-day tour over the city of Nizhny Novgorod.

Here is a video shot from inside the cockpit of MiG-29:

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2017: new emotions and experience with MiG-29 flights!

Happy New Year, dear friends!

Today a lot of Russians celebrate “Old” New Year. No kidding — in Russia people celebrate New Year holiday two times: on the first of January (“New” New Year) and on the 13th of January - “Old” New Year.

The 2017 year had just started, but we have received a lot of booking requests for our MiG-29 flights from our Customers who wanted to make New Year gifts for their friends and family members.

If you hadn’t booked flights yet, you can book a MiG-29 flight now as a gift for Russian “Old” New Year! :) By the way, “Edge of Space &Aerobatics” MiG-29 flight program is still on the top of our most popular flight programs.

What is an “Edge of Space & Aerobatics” flight program? It is as simple as that: you board the swift Russian MiG-29 jetfighter and dash into the Stratosphere (up to 19 km) with the speed, surpassing that of a sound! (>2000 km/h). Then you descend down to a regular altitude of a civil airliners and enjoy aerobatic maneuvers – Loop, Barrel, Hammerhead, Invented Flight and others.

The closest time for available “Edge of Space & Aerobatics” flights is the April 2017. 

Flights are available almost for everyoneWhat are you waiting for? Beautiful sky views are waiting for you!

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What you should do to book the flight on MiG-29

  1. Take a deep breath and say: “Yeah I‘m done with my boring life, I want to change something and get new thrilling experience!”
  2. Check out the site, then choose a program of MiG-29 Flight you like. Don’t forget to pick additional options :)
  3. Choose a date you want to have your trip. This step is very important, because the Sokol plant, where the flights have been taking place, is a restricted territory and a property of the Russian government. The minimum period of time required to set up a clearance to the Sokol Plant airbase  is 60-65 days. So in less then 60 days we are unable to get you a permission to enter the plant. We strongly recommend you to book the flight 4-5 months before the flight date.
  4. 4)   Send us a Request email (http://www.fly-mig29.com/about.html) with you full name, copy of your international passport, selected Flight Program in Mig-29, Additional options and desirable flight dates for your MiG-29 Flight.
  5. After the email is sent we will confirm it and send you a questionnaire you should fill in. Please, fill in the questionnaire, because we need the information in it in order to begin the organization process of your MiG-29 flight.

And that is pretty much it! After we receive your filled in questionnaire, we will connect with you to clarify the payment details.

среда, 21 декабря 2016 г.

What are the health, physical and age requirements for MiG-29 flights?

We have received numerous questions about the health requirements for MiG-29 flights. These are the most asked ones: “What are the age restrictions?”; “Should I be as tough as military pilots to perform a flight?” and “Is the special training required for the stratosphere trip?” 

And here is our vigorous answer: no specific health requirements are needed to perform the flight!

But as far as we are responsible for your safety, we have to be sure that no harm would be inflicted during the flight. In case if you did not:
  • Suffer surgical operations on brain, spine or heart;
  • Undergo barotraumas;
  • Endure hypertension

…the MiG-29 Flights are totally available for everyone from 18 to 78 years old!

 As for the physical requirements, they are not strict at all too: you have to be no taller than 205 centimeters (6,73 feets) and no heavier than 110 kg (242,5 lb’s).

Also check out other FAQ's on our site.

Come on! The stratosphere is awaiting you!