пятница, 13 января 2017 г.

2017: new emotions and experience with MiG-29 flights!

Happy New Year, dear friends!

Today a lot of Russians celebrate “Old” New Year. No kidding — in Russia people celebrate New Year holiday two times: on the first of January (“New” New Year) and on the 13th of January - “Old” New Year.

The 2017 year had just started, but we have received a lot of booking requests for our MiG-29 flights from our Customers who wanted to make New Year gifts for their friends and family members.

If you hadn’t booked flights yet, you can book a MiG-29 flight now as a gift for Russian “Old” New Year! :) By the way, “Edge of Space &Aerobatics” MiG-29 flight program is still on the top of our most popular flight programs.

What is an “Edge of Space & Aerobatics” flight program? It is as simple as that: you board the swift Russian MiG-29 jetfighter and dash into the Stratosphere (up to 19 km) with the speed, surpassing that of a sound! (>2000 km/h). Then you descend down to a regular altitude of a civil airliners and enjoy aerobatic maneuvers – Loop, Barrel, Hammerhead, Invented Flight and others.

The closest time for available “Edge of Space & Aerobatics” flights is the April 2017. 

Flights are available almost for everyoneWhat are you waiting for? Beautiful sky views are waiting for you!

понедельник, 26 декабря 2016 г.

What you should do to book the flight on MiG-29

  1. Take a deep breath and say: “Yeah I‘m done with my boring life, I want to change something and get new thrilling experience!”
  2. Check out the site, then choose a program of MiG-29 Flight you like. Don’t forget to pick additional options :)
  3. Choose a date you want to have your trip. This step is very important, because the Sokol plant, where the flights have been taking place, is a restricted territory and a property of the Russian government. The minimum period of time required to set up a clearance to the Sokol Plant airbase  is 60-65 days. So in less then 60 days we are unable to get you a permission to enter the plant. We strongly recommend you to book the flight 4-5 months before the flight date.
  4. 4)   Send us a Request email (http://www.fly-mig29.com/about.html) with you full name, copy of your international passport, selected Flight Program in Mig-29, Additional options and desirable flight dates for your MiG-29 Flight.
  5. After the email is sent we will confirm it and send you a questionnaire you should fill in. Please, fill in the questionnaire, because we need the information in it in order to begin the organization process of your MiG-29 flight.

And that is pretty much it! After we receive your filled in questionnaire, we will connect with you to clarify the payment details.

среда, 21 декабря 2016 г.

What are the health, physical and age requirements for MiG-29 flights?

We have received numerous questions about the health requirements for MiG-29 flights. These are the most asked ones: “What are the age restrictions?”; “Should I be as tough as military pilots to perform a flight?” and “Is the special training required for the stratosphere trip?” 

And here is our vigorous answer: no specific health requirements are needed to perform the flight!

But as far as we are responsible for your safety, we have to be sure that no harm would be inflicted during the flight. In case if you did not:
  • Suffer surgical operations on brain, spine or heart;
  • Undergo barotraumas;
  • Endure hypertension

…the MiG-29 Flights are totally available for everyone from 18 to 78 years old!

 As for the physical requirements, they are not strict at all too: you have to be no taller than 205 centimeters (6,73 feets) and no heavier than 110 kg (242,5 lb’s).

Also check out other FAQ's on our site.

Come on! The stratosphere is awaiting you!

пятница, 9 декабря 2016 г.

Unforgettable Christmas present for everyone is Mig 29 flight

Christmas is coming soon. That means the time of miracles is about to begin! It is said, that before the Christmas all dreams, even the craziest ones, come true. Our everyday duties and holiday hustle made us forget about miracles. But not so long ago we were less skeptical. Do you remember your childhood, when, being a kid, you anticipated Christmas with a an eagerness, counting every day left before the Christmas night?

Now it is time to dare to dream of something daring, unforgettable, mind-blowing adventure that could happen only once in your lifetime! A bright and exiting moment you will recall again and again in your memory, tell your friends, your family, your children. The flight on a Mig 29 jet fighter is exactly the very moment. 

The jetfighter Mig 29 flights could become a perfect Christmas present for your family members, friends, loved ones or even for trusted partners or colleagues! During the flight you will be able to raise far above the highest mountains, rush through the skies, and watch the Earth surface from the Stratosphere. All our clients are exited, ovewhelmed with emotions and said that it was the best adventure in their life! We offer three programs varying both in services and prices, so our customers can pick up options based on their tastes.

There is an old Russian proverb: “The way you spend the Christmas night is the way you’ll spend all the coming year”. Awesome emotions you experience during the Mig 29 flight to a Stratosphere will accompany you during the whole 2017! 

Contact us to book a flight. Please do not loiter, for the amount of requests are limited.

понедельник, 5 декабря 2016 г.

Best adventure in Russia - jet ride in MiG-29

More than ten years “Country of Space Tourism LTD” is holding one of the leading positions on the tourism market of Russia. We offer not only traditional touristic services — sightseeing tours all over Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, Saint-Petersburg, Vladimir and other Russian cities, but also unique products — such as adventure aero & space tourism.
Air travelling has long been a routine, one cannot be easily amused by a trip on a regular civil aircraft plane. Have you ever dreamt to board a combat fighter jet, sweep over mountains and fields throughout clouds and then raise upwards, to the sun, in the Stratosphere, to witness the curvature of the Earth and Edge of Space?
Our company will help your dreams come true! We provide a unique opportunity to board a Russian combat jet fighter Mig-29, experience the exiting flight on it, and get new unforgettable feelings. We are closely partnering with Russian aircraft plant “Sokol” (City of Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia) that is now one of the major aircraft producing plants in Russia.
Our services are absolutely legal, for our company is operating on the basis of State Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation. All our clients receive security insurance (1 million Rubles). Every year our Mig-29 fighter jets undergo technical inspection.
There are three basic programs for those tourists who dream to have a trip on board of jet fighter.
First one is called “Subsonic Aerobatic Experience in the MiG-29”. After finishing the medical inspection, safety briefings and learning basics, you board the double seated Russian jet fighter Mig-29. Mig-29 takes off, flies over the landscapes of Russia at subsonic speed and then perform aerobatic maneuvers which are “Inverted Flight”, “Hammer Head”, “Roll”, “Loop”, “Combat Turn” and others — they are discussable with your personal pilot. Only honored pilots make Mig-29 flights for tourists. The flights last for 25 minutes, including the take off and ending with a landing. The price is 11.500 EURO’s.

The second one is called “Aerobatic Experience with a Supersonic flight in the MiG-29”. You will be able not only to have a flight on subsonic speed, but also to enjoy full supersonic speed of a military jet fighter, just like in real combat. The duration of the program is 40 minutes. The price is 13.500 EURO’s.
The third is called “Edge of Space” & Aerobatic Flight in the MiG-29”. After taking off the jet fighter rushes into the endless sky accelerating from low speed to supersonic speed and thus getting through the clouds and reaching the stratosphere on an altitude of 18 kilometers (12 miles). On that altitude while moving with a moderate speed you are able to enjoy beautiful view of curvature of the Earth. Upon reaching that altitude the pilot gradually descends down to a regular altitude (5 km or 3 miles) and perform aerobatic maneuvers (“Inverted Flight”, “Hammer Head”, “Roll”, “Loop”, “Combat Turn” etc), low-height flight. If you are a certified pilot, you can even perform basic moves on the jet fighter by yourself! Under the close control of our pilots, of course) The price is 16.500 EURO’s.

 The program is the Most Popular among our clients!
We are eager for you to come and experience Mig-29 jet fighter flight!
The prices include:
1.      Roadtrip from your hotel to the “Sokol” Plant and back.
2.      Interpreter and guide services.
3.      Visa registering services.
4.      Technical and security briefings, medical inspection.
5.      Authentic Russian pilot suit, internal commlink with your pilot.
6.      The flight itself.
7.      Equipment lease (suit, helmet, parachute)
8.      A gift certificate registering your bold adventure on the board of the  Mis-29 fighter jet.
9.      A ticket to the Sokol plant museum for one person.
10.  Scale model of Mig-29 jet fighter as a souvenir.
As additional options you are free to buy:
1.      Photo and video capturing your emotions and feeling during the flight, edited by a professional editor. (600 EURO’s)
2.      HD Photo & Video Helmet with HD Camera.(300 EURO’s)
3.      Flight suit (300 EURO’s)
Also we are proud to offer you a 3-day tour over city of Nizhniy Novgorod and 5-day tour overMoscow. 3 day tour includes:
1.      Accommodation and hotel booking (Alexandrovkiy Garden Hotel);
2.      Personal guide and interpreter.
3.      Tour over Nizhniy Novgorod.
4.      The Mig-29 jet fighter flight.
5.      Services of accompanying English-speaking manager.
6.      Dinner in one of the local restaurants (for business option only).
7.      Guided tour with a personal guide and a driver (for business option only).
5-day tour over Moscow includes:
1.      Accommodation and hotel booking (Metropol Hotel);
2.      Guided tour over Moscow
3.      Guided tour over Nizhniy Novgorod
4.      The flight itself
5.      Guide and interpreter services.
6.      Accompanying English-speaking manager services.
7.      Dinner in one of the local restaurants (for business option only).

8.      Guided tour with a personal guide and a driver (for business option only).

среда, 21 сентября 2016 г.

Terrific emotions in Mig29 Flight to Stratosphere

Edge of Space is wonderful all year round. And you could see it by yourself with Mig-29 flight to Stratosphere. How to do it and to see this view? It is possible with MiG29 Flight program “Edge of Space Flight in Mig29 & Aerobatics” . Fans of aviation and extreme are coming all the time to feel adrenaline, to see this view and experience on their body, how it is to feel 5-6G on your body. It is not easy I could say! But definitely interesting. If look on faces of our clients, happy smiling, they enjoy these terrific emotions! Where else in the world you could experience so much adrenaline as in Mig29 flight to Stratosphere. Only in this adventure you reach 1800 km per/h speed! Only in MiG29 flight you fly to Stratosphere! And only in Mig 29 flight you make aerobatic maneuver’s with pilots of highest level! Best test pilots of Russia will make your Mig29 flight experience. Enjoy it! These emotions will really overwhelmed you!

пятница, 2 сентября 2016 г.

Our adventures in August

This week we’ve had a Chinese client who participated in both our activities – Zero Gravity flight on 25th of August and MiG-29 flight on 30th of August. Probably it was the most adrenaline-filled week in his life, reality expected all his expectations, he was full of emotions, and now he is fairly proud of what he’s done and achieved. He took the unique chance and experienced a real life of cosmonauts and military pilots, and it’s not easy, because of the nature of these extreme adventure. But he overcame all the difficulties and his Certificates are the real confirmation of it.