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The incredible adventures in Russia: flight on real jet fighters for civilian tourists!

Hello, dear Blog readers!

It’s been a while since we published a post about incredible space and air adventures in Russia. The most thrilling and breathtaking adventure that you can ever get in Russia is, of course, a MiG-29 flight. For those, who is unaware or occasionally visited our blog, let us remind what a MiG-29 is: it is a modern jet fighter, being still in service in Air Forces of Russia and other ex-Eastern bloc countries. Well, those, who know what MiG-29 is, probably won’t learn anything new.

Unfortunately, our famous and desirable MiG-29 flights are temporarily unavailable. Although it is impossible to fully replace amazing MiG-29 flights, we can offer a flight experience on L-39 “Albatros” training jet flight.
MiG-29 is a high maneuverable and speed jet. Pilots have to go through a serious training before allowing to get behind the steering. After hours of classes and dozens of exams, flight cadets are allowed for practice. One of the basic jet fighters that are still used to train ongoing generations of military pilots is a L-39 training jet fighter.

A first prototype of L-39 “Albatros” was developed by Aero Vodochody plane producing concern (ex-Czechoslovak republic). The jet performed its first flight on 4th of November, 1968. After series of tests and improvements a jet conducted its regular flight in 1972 and several years it was adopted by Czech Air Forces as a light combat jet. The fighter was so successful, that its production was ended only in 1999. From the early years of production, an L-39 was considered as a full fighting jet, and even after the concern officially ceased its production, it continued to support and maintain jets. In two following decades several modifications of jets were designed and the concern has plans to produce limited amounts of modified versions of L-39 till the end of 2020. Now it is still in service in more than 30 countries all over the world.
L-39 was exported in many countries. But it became widely spread in Soviet Union as a training jet. Cadets of flight academies would go through initial training during day and night, basics of dog fighting and ground attacking.

In recent years L-39 is often used in civilian life. The jet could be seen on a different air shows: for example, during the Max Show a performance of the “Rus” – a Russian aerobatics team - one of the features of the international MAX Air Salon, that was held not far from Moscow in 2017.

Unfortunately an L-39 jet fighter is unable to climb in Stratosphere like its older relative – a MiG-29 – but still you can get a gripping flight experience. There are three types of flight, that is available for ordinary tourists:
  •    30 minute flight, including aerobatics. The price is 3500 Euro;
  •     60 minute flight, including aerobatics. The price is 5500 Euro;
  •   Pair flight with an imitation of a dog fight 6500 Euro.

The flights are conducted in Russia, not far from Moscow.

If you’re interested in flights, want to learn about health restrictions and other details, please contact us by email: jet@tour-space.com and adventure@tour-space.com.

The sky is waiting for you!

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Zero Gravity - now not only for astronauts!

Since the childhood many of us dreamt about floating in weightlessness. The profession of an astronaut or cosmonaut seemed so desirable in the childhood. And its no wonder: endless, dark space was so mysterios. And the person who explore it - astronaut or cosmonaut - was a true hero in our eyes.

But later, while growing up, we change our profession dreams to something more prosaic: entrepreneur, lawyer, designer...

And now we're adults. Does it mean that we should abandon our dreams? 

No, we shouldn't! It is not necessary to be a professional astronaut to get in the real Zero Gravity. And no, we're not talking about becoming a space tourist and spending a huge amount of money and time. It is even more than that: you don't have to leave Earth surface!

Trainings in Zero Gravity 

Zero Gravity flights are the essential part of astronaut or cosmonaut training program. Before going into real space, future cosmonaut should learn and feel how the Zero Gravity affects their bodies. During trainings, cosmonauts also learn to perform various actions with space equipment in the absence of gravity during the flight

Such trainings are conducted in Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC), which is located in Russia, Moscow. Zero Gravity conditions are created onboard a special laboratory plane IL-76 MDK. The aircaft moves on parabolic trajectory and special equipment inside the plane allows to simulate weighlessness.

Zero Gravity flights are available not only for cosmonauts and astronauts, but also for ordinary tourists with regular income - you don't have to be a dollar billionaire to realize your childhood dream.

GCTC is located in 30 km away from Moscow - so the whole adventure could be performed in just two days. During the first day you will listen to the briefing about Zero Gravity, go through a medical check-up and visit GCTC - the heart of the cosmonautics in Russia. On the second day you will experience the Zero Gravity flight itself. During the flight, mo
re than 10 modes of weightlessness are performed, during which you can perform acrobatic tricks and fly like a Superman!

At the same time, 14 people can participate in this adventure. Therefore, flying in Zero Gravity is a great opportunity to arrange an unforgettable journey for you, your friends or your family members! Zero G flight can be an original gift for birthday and any other holiday!

Extreme adventures in zero gravity is one of the most popular types of tourism today. Recently, space tourism has been actively developing and an increasing number of people are interested in it. Still — after all now their dream of space and space adventures can be realized!

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MiG-15 flight: ride a Legend!

World of jet fighters is exciting and amazing and opens a lot of interesting facts and opportunities. For example, MiG-29 jet fighter can get you to the Stratosphere which is almost 18 kilometers from the Earth ground.

The history of jet fighters is long and vast, but nevertheless exciting. While MiG-29 is quite modern fighter, there were true legends, which emergence revolted aviation world. One of such is MiG-15 –Soviet (Russian) jet fighter.

MiG-15 was developed in 1947 and was first successful serial jet fighter in the USSR. On 1949 MiG-15 was put on the product line. In 1950 Soviet authorities made a decision to interfere into the Korean war. The hostilities on the Korean peninsula became a first proving ground for the newly developed jet fighter.

MiG-15 showed impressive results in the Korean war and quickly became an uneasy challenge for American pilots with their Sabres jet fighters. As all aviation regiments started to receive new jet fighters in 1950-ies, cadets, and even skilled pilots needed to master MiG-15. The Mikoyan bureau began to develop special training modifications for MiG-15, which had to have a seat for a second pilot. This modification was named MiG-15 UTI (“Uchebno trenirovochny istrebtel”) which stands for “A  jet trainer” or, according to the NATO classification, “The Midget”.

MiG-15 jet fighter had so successful design, that is was later replaced by Mig-17 which was basically a modernized version of Mig-15.

More than 15 thousand MiG 15s were produced in USSR and its satellites. Although the fighter was removed from a product line a very long time ago, some countries like Northern Korea are still using it as an actual military aircraft.

If you want to ride a legendary aircraft, you don’t have to move to Northern Korea and hijack a military MiG-15!

Just contact us, come to Moscow and enjoy your amazing flight! 

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Corporate Zero Gravity event was finished

Today, on the 22nd of November a mixed group of tourists successfully finished their flight in Zero Gravity!

Zero Gravityflight took place in Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center – one of the world most unique “universities” for cosmonauts and astronauts. The flight program included 2 days. During the first day flight participants went through a medical check-up and theoretical instruction. On the second day tourists enjoyed their flight. The whole flight took 1 hour and 20 minutes. During the flight onboard the laboratory plane IL-76 MDK 10 Zero Gravity modes were imitated, 28 seconds each. IL-76 MDK laboratory plane is Russian aircraft designed especially for cosmonaut trainings.

Mixed group of flight tourirsts, as usual, was multinational: tourists from Russia, China and Switzerland come to GCTC to participate in the wonderful adventure organized by our company! However this time we also hosted a corporate event for the famous Chinese company. We arranged an exclusive program for them, including space trainings on such simulators as Vykhod-2, Souyz, Don-Soyuz, Tsf-7 Centrifuge, “Space food” and practice in a “Sokol” space suit.

All tourists were a little bit tired but happy! Despite some unpleasant weather conditions everything went smooth and fine!

The flight was organized by the “Country of Space Tourism” travel agency – leading aviation and space tour operator in Russia. Space tourism is growing its in popularity among ordinary toursists! Our other space adventures: Mig-29 flights, Baikonur tours, 

Please join our adventures - as other tourists did - and get new amazing emotions and impressions!

понедельник, 20 ноября 2017 г.

Can you be an astronaut or cosmonaut? Prove it in Space Trainings!

Space has always been attracting us as something borderless and mysterious. While gazing at the stars one can’t help but admire its beauty. While being kids, many of us dreamt to be astronauts or cosmonauts.
But for most of us space travel is impossible – due to the health or the fact that we chose less romantic profession. But is there anything we can do now to perform – at least for a short moment – our child dreams? And the answer is – yes!

Although astronaut or cosmonaut trainings is classified, now ordinary travelers have opportunity to peak their training. In Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) which is a training facility for ISS crews in Russia, tourists can take part in real cosmonaut practices! These are the simulators that you can try in GCTC:

Vykhod-2. The space environment differs drastically from the Earth’s. This simulator allows to train an exit to the open space. You will also learn how to operate your “Orlan-TMA” space suit.

Soyuz space vessel simulator. This is a real spaceship, almost identical to one which delivers astronauts and cosmonauts to International Space Station. Souyz training simulator imitate vessel’s moving, docking, undocking, landing and communication with the space station.

Don-Soyuz simulator. The simulator’s aim is to practice emergency exit from the ISS and to practice flight control.

TSf-7 Centrifuge simulator will test your organismon endurance. During the space travel all objects and especially people suffer overloads from low to high. The centrifuge will train your vestibular apparatus. During the training, a group of skilled medics will monitor your condition and cease training immediately in you feel dizzy.

Training in a Sokol space suit. Sokol is a Russian space suit designed for space station crews. The space suit also protects cosmonaut or astronaut’s lives in case of depressurization of the Soyuz vessel.

Space food simulator. Cooking and eating in conditions of zero gravity could be a real problem for a person not trained for this. Space food simulator will teach you how to heat and stuff you food. And, of course, you will get an opportunity to taste space food!

If you are interested in Space Trainings please send us an email on jet@tour-space.com with a request. 

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Spend your Space holidays in Baikonur spaceport

If you are interested in cosmonautics and aerospace history and dreamed to do some non-traditional tour in this December, you will have an excellent opportunity to visit Baikonur spaceport from the 13th to 18th of December 2017.

Now the spaceport is the only one place from which cosmonauts and astronauts make it to the International Space Station (ISS). Onboard the “Souyz-SM” rocket launcher they go up to the ISS to replenish members of the orbital international crew, that stays on duty all the time. There are 6 crew members that stay on duty onboard the ISS: two Russian cosmonauts, two American astronauts and two astronauts from other countries.

Not only manned space launches are conducted now from the Baikonur spaceport. Supplies, materials and equipment for the ISS are delivered from the Progress and Proton rockets. The launching pad of the latter is located on the Baikonur spaceport.

During the tour you will visit “Proton” and “Souyz-SM” launching sites, which were for authorized personnel only just a several years ago. One of them is a so called “Gagarin launch” – the very launching site from which “Vostok” space vessel with Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, set off to the orbit.

You also might be interested in a tour over the unique museum on the territory of the Baikonur spaceport, which highlights the history of Russian space exploration programs from 1950-ies to the present day. On the backyard of the museum you will see special exhibits such as Buran space vessel. Buran is an orbital space vessel, which primal aim was to put satellites into the orbit, to conduct experiments and test new types of weapons. It was developed in 1984 as some sort of “Soviet respond to the USS shuttle program. But at the same time it has crucial differences. First of all, Buran space vessel was equipped with an automated landing system and could do a reserve lap before landing.

But what’s most important – you will be able to see one of the world’s most tremendous events – launch of the “Souyz-MS” space rocket with 55-th ISS crew onboard, which is scheduled on 17th of December!

Baikonur tour could be interested not only to fans of cosmonautics. If you are tired of ”traditional” and ordinary seaside touristic tours, Baikonur tour could be a cool distraction from an office life.

If you are interested in the tour, please send us a request on jet@tour-space.com.

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Experience real Zero Gravity just like a real cosmonaut!

Cosmonaut profession is probably the most romantic as much as dangerous and difficult. Becoming a cosmonaut or astronaut is not that easy – it takes years to master new skills and information and to meet requirements. In September we wrote about a unique place which astronauts and cosmonauts pass their trainings to be ready to proceed to the ISS - Star City, which could be called a “University for cosmonauts”.

During a training course which can last up to several years a candidate has to practice certain drills. One of such is a Zero Gravity flight – an obligatory element of cosmonaut training. During the first stage of a drill candidates get used to weightlessness, learn how to behave themselves in a complete absence of weight, how to enter and leave a state of Zero Gravity without harm to their body. On the second stage they learn to perform some basic moves and operations in weightlessness and to test equipment.

If you ever dreamt to become a cosmonaut or astronaut, you now have unique opportunity to join Zero Gravity flight as it is available not only for successful candidates but also to ordinary tourists! You may wonder where, apart from the space itself, one can train like a real cosmonaut? The answer will amaze you: these drills are conducted on Earth, in the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training center in Star City, which is not far from Moscow. This place is the only one in Russia, where you can participate in real cosmonaut training in Zero Gravity.

The second question you may wonder is “How is this possible?”. The answer may also surprise you because of its simplicity. Weightlessness is simulated onboard a Russian laboratory plane IL-76 MDK, designed in 1988 especially for drills in Zero Gravity. The IL-76 MDK takes off, climbs to a “regular” altitude of 6,5 kilometers then starts to rise from 6,5 to 9,5 kilometers. When the aircraft reaches this altitude, it immediately begins to descend down, back to 6,5 kilometers. At the moment when a plane is about to come close to the 9,5 altitude and some time after it began its descend, Zero Gravity mode turns on aboard IL-76 plane.

Participants of the Zero G flight spend from 25 to 28 seconds in a complete weightlessness. During the whole flight which lasts for 1,5 hours, overall time when Zero Gravity mode is on estimates almost 5 minutes.

During the flight you can “test” weightlessness however you want: walk or stand still on the ceiling, spin around, fly all through the salon of the Il-76 plane or do the thing: spill a water while in Zero Gravity and try to drink it! An IL-76 aircraft is covered with a special soft material, so you won’t get hurt during your flight. You can check how others enjoyed their Zero G flight.

Our closest flight is scheduled on 21-22nd of November. To book a Zero Gravity flight, please contact us via email: jet@tour-space.com or adventure@tour-space.com.