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Three friends - pilots visit airbase "Sokol" in Russia and had 3 "Aerobatics Experience" flight programs (45 min) in MiG-29 fighter!

Three friends - pilots visit airbase "Sokol" in Russia and had 3 "Aerobatics Experience" flight programs (45 min) in MiG-29 fighter. There was perfect weather and we share that Video for the guests and for understanding the Flight Program plan in MiG-29. Fighter Jet Rides in MiG-29! Detailed information about MiG-29 flights you can find on our web.

Cool Video - Our guest from UK visit Russia with wife, who bought a MiG-29 flight to him as the present for the Birthday!

Cool Video - Our guest from UK visit Russia with wife, who bought a MiG-29 flight to him as the present for the Birthday. He took part in "Edge of Space & Aerobatics" MiG-29 flight and celebrate his Birthday with the unbelievable flying in MiG-29.

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MiG-29 Flight to Stratosphere on 50th Anniversary of British tourist! Great present from his wife! Narration of our accompanying Representative!

MiG-29 Flight to Stratosphere on 50th Anniversary of British tourist! Great present from his wife!

On Saturday,  arrived couple from England to make a Unique AdventureMG-29 Flight to Stratosphere. Caroline, have present to her husband a great gift for the 50th Anniversary – Flight in MiG-29 to Stratosphere. I had already thought about the gift celebrant, and bought him a beautiful Russian doll- Matreshka as a gift from our company. 
We have accommodated them at the Metropol Hotel, and in the evening I showed them most interesting station of Moscow Metro. Then, we had dinner at the restaurant of Russian cuisine, and it was their first introduction to Russian cuisine and culture. Our British guests like Russian cuisine very much.
The next day, we have got Sightseeing tour of Moscow. Steve and Caroline with pleasure and interest listening about Moscow, and  admired of sightseeing’s. After lunch at a Russian restaurant, where they try new dishes, and they came to taste Russian Kvass, we went to the railway station to go by train to Nizhny Novgorod, for this long-awaited for Steve,  MiG 29 Flight to Stratosphere.
The next day, July 6th, Steve has got a Birthday. The day promised to be full of emotions, memories and congratulations! But the main thing - it is a gift of his wife, which he was waiting with anticipation – MiG 29 Flight to Stratosphere.
Once we arrived at the air base, "Sokol", he has passed medical check with doctor, met with the pilot and was instructed. Finally, Steve put his individual suit for flight with his name, and went to the runway, where he was waiting  the MiG-29.
Meanwhile, Caroline and I went to the place where we could see the flight of MiG29. We saw how Steve in MiG 29 flew into the air, make noise of engines, and disappeared into the sky in a few seconds. Great experience!
In 20 minutes, after MiG 29 Flight to Stratosphere, we saw the jet fighter again, and the pilot began to perform aerobatic maneuvers! Caroline was excited, because all this air show was personally for her, not only for the joy of her husband!
After landing, Steve overwhelmed with emotion! It is really a terrific gift for an anniversary !! He said that many of his friends, fans of aviation, jealous him, and did not think that he will decided to make such an Adventure!
After the return of Steve’s from flight in MiG-29, it was waiting a cake for him with candles and a small scale model of MiG29 on the cake; together with Caroline we made this surprise. Also, I present him our Matreshka! In the evening we celebrated his Birthday in friendly company.
At the end of the program in Nizhny Novgorod was a Sightseeing tour, and we went to Moscow.
Steve and Caroline were very happy with the trip to Russia. They liked our food, and they liked the Russian people. Steve still under the impressions of his Adventure - MiG-29 Flight  to  Stratosphere, and is looking forward  to tell his friends about it in London!

MiG-29 Flight as a Gift! The most Expensive and sophisticated Gift!

MiG-29 Flight as a Gift! The most expensive and sophisticated Gift!

All of us are always worry about one question – what to present a person who has absolutely everything? The answer to this question is as simple as a child’s task - present a unique MiG 29 flight to stratosphere and person will be shocked and incredibly happy!
We organize MiG 29 flights for more than 10 years and Fighter Jet Rides are performing in Nizhny Novgorod on the basis of the Decree of the Russian Government. You can purchase a Gift Certificate for MiG-29 Flight to stratosphere and present a gift to a loved person or a business partner!
This Adventure is becoming very popular among wealthy people, who want to feel extreme and enjoy the spectacular views from the MiG29 cockpit. Among our tourists who have been flew in MiG 29 to an altitude of 19 km was a lot of men and women. The program “MiG-29 Flight to stratosphere” takes about 40-45 minutes and does not require any additional training or preparations!
The MiG-29 Flight is available from age 18 to 75 years old and health requirements are not so serious except heart diseases and high blood pressure. However, in each case, it is solving individually with the client.
The Owner of this unique Present can easily have a MiG-29 flight with a speed of over 2000 km/h and reach the altitude of 19 km. After the descent the low altitude MiG29 pilot will perform to you wide range of Aerobatic Maneuvers.
 Adventure will be complete after a solemn presentation of a commemorative certificate of the Commission MiG-29 Flight!

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How much does it cost to fly a MiG 29? Price of MiG 29 tourist flight! Fly a fighter jet MiG-29 in Russia! MiG-29 flights in 2015!

How much does it cost to fly a MiG 29? Price of MiG 29 tourist flight! Fly a fighter jet MiG-29 in Russia! MiG-29 flights in 2015!
Question of the price is one of the most important part of every commercial agreements. Flight in MiG-29 is the one of the most expensive adventures that you can find. A lot of people ask us why MiG-29 flight is so expensive?  The answer is very simple. First of all, MiG-29costs an enormously amount of money! Secondly,  the price is strongly depending from the fuels price. From 3 to 5 tonns of fuel is used for your flight. Also to perform you flight 120 emploees of Sokol involved at your flight day - security, navigation, doctors, firefighters, technical staff, pilot, special laboratories, etc.
For our clients we created 4 different programs.
1.      Aerobatic Experience (25 minutes) which is showing all the maneuvering possibilities of MiG-29. Price for this 25 minutes adventure is 11,500 euros (eleven thousand and five hundred).  Maneuvers such as the Hammer Head, Flying Inverted, Loop, Roll, Low Level Pass and others will be executed for you.
2.      Aerobatic Experience(45 minutes) is absolutely the same program as the previous, but only difference is in duration of the flight. The price for 45 minutes adventure is 13,500 euros (thirteen thousand and five hundred). One of the important points of this is that Aerobatic Experience programs (25 and 45 minutes) are quite flexible and can be changed by the pilot depending on how the passenger is feeling during the flight.
3.       "Edge of Space" and aerobatics experience in MiG-29 (45 minutes) is the most popular program among our clients. The price for that program is 16,500 euros (sixteen thousand and five hundred). During this program modern jet MiG-29 will fly to the altitude of 18-19 km above the Earth! Spectacular views will present you the most exciting emotions in your life! A speed of more than 2500 km/h provide extreme atmosphere and feeling the power of MiG-29!  After reaching the stratosphere pilot will perform you various aerobatic maneuvers – from standard to the most advanced, depending on one's physical condition.
4.      Suborbital Flight Training and Edge of Space in MiG-29 (45 minutes) is the hottest program that we have! It is an absolutely exclusive and only “Country of Tourism LTD” provide such flights! The price of  Suborbital Flight Training and “Edge of Space” in MiG-29 is 18,000 euros (eighteen thousand).  This program become unique because of  Vertical Take Off in MIG-29 - Vertical climb on flight level 4000m as a simulation of rocket launch. This program is an incredible combination of the view of the curvature of the Earth, stars and really black sky with real top-gun adventure with all possible aerobatics.

For tourists, who want to  have a flight in MiG-29 and see all the beauty of Russia we created a flight tours! There are just two variations of tour: 5 days tour over Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.
During 5 days tour you will live in 5* accommodation in famous Russian hotel in the center of Moscow and in 4* accommodation in center of Nizhny Novgorod, take part in  sightseeing tour of Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod in our vehicle accompanied by our English speaking guide. Also you will have a lunches in restaurants, your flight program performance and all the transfers. Price with the tour just higher for 1,500 (one thousand and five hundred) euros for each programs. 
During 3 day tour is absolutely the same as the 5 day tour except one point. You will not visit Moscow with our representative, just sightseeing tour and restaurants in Nizhny Novgorod are available. Of course, all the transfers are include in the price. Price for this tour is higher for 800 euros (eight hundred) for each programs.

Prices the flight program include:
1.      All preparations, medical check and the equipment;
2.      Taxes and fees;
3.      The Permission to access the “Sokol” airbase;
4.      Interpreter services;
5.      Transfer from the hotel to the airbase and back;
6.      Visit to “Sokol” Plant Aviation Museum;
7.      MiG-29flight according to the chosen program;

Booking features and MiG-29 flight Schedules for tourists (summer-autumn 2015) in Sokol airbase

Booking features and MiG-29 flight schedules for tourists (summer-autumn 2015).

We remind our esteemed tourists that the flights in MIG-29 are planning and executed in advance. For citizens of the Russian Federation the minimum clearance of flight is no less than 10 days.
This period of time include: Contracts preparations, payment, documents preparations and registration of Permits for committing flight in the MIG-29 on the “Sokol’ airbase!
Also, the flights are conducted only on weekdays, so consider this fact in your plans. Additionally we inform you that during the summer in the period from 14th of July to 5th of August 2015 flights will not be performed in connection with the MIG-29 maintenance.
Moreover, in October – November 2015 the number of MiG-29 flights per day will be limited – no more than one flight per day, so make a booking in advance!!