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The sky is not the limit!

Ever wondered what it feels like to be inside a spaceship and to look down at our unbelievably beautiful Planet? The answer to that question can be answered by any of our tourists who have taken the flight in a MIG 29 as tourists! They come out of our Russian jet fighter MIG 29 completely in awe, everytime!

This is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life, tell all your friends and relive with every picture from that day! They say time is relative, and those unbelievable 45 minutes will seem to you like a lifelong experience!

The plane takes off from Nizhny Novgorod, all of our tourists are accompanied by our representative and by a translator, there is not one second we are not delivering this amazing experience to its full extent: we pick you up in your hotel lobby, show you around the city, and deliver this amazing experience in the Sokol airbase so you can enjoy your MIG 29 flight the maximum.

Plus to that we advise all of our tourists to add to their flight program an excursion program through Moscow and Nizhny, there is so much from Russia you won’t capture through pictures!
You don’t even have to be a fan of aviation to enjoy this experience, being a curious, adventurous person is enough! A lot of our clients have only ever flown in a civilian plane and saw a jet fighter for the first time on their flight day!

Are you ready to take off? Suit up!

суббота, 28 ноября 2015 г.

The coolest and most extreme adventure out there – a flight in a jet fighter MiG-29!

      As you would think, this is not only our opinion. A lot of our tourists, that have done the flight in a MiG-29, also practice other kinds of extreme sport – skydiving, piloting civil airplanes and so on – every single one of them after their MiG-29 flight and having performed acrobatics have said that this was for sure the most extreme and breathtaking adventure of their lives. Besides from that, our flights in the MiG-29 have made it to the Top10 Best World Adventures  according to the international agency «Reuters”!
And it’s not as simple as you’d think: by flying the MiG-29 you will overcome the speed of sound! It possibly sounds to you as if this isn’t uncommon in our days, since aircrafts for civilians such as TU-144 and Concord can already overcome the speed of sound, but when you think about, it’s one thing being there as a passenger, and another sitting in the cockpit in the jet fighter – it’s a complete other talk!
Besides from that the technical characteristic of the MiG-29 jet fighter allow it to reach altitudes of 18-19 km, and its design is ideal for the performance of basically any known acrobatics: bell, flying inverted, Nesterov loop, hammer head, lightbulb, Imelman loop and a lot more! The g-force during the flight can reach up to 9G – in civilian aircrafts these overloads are almost impossible to reach.

      And of course the postcard of our flights in a MiG-29 to the stratosphere is that one can see the round Earth and the blue dark sky – which only astronauts during their flights to space can see, what costs way more than a flight in a MiG-29!
      Possibly you are now thinking that a flight in a MiG-29 is only available to fully healthy people, like astronauts, and a special training. It’s absolutely not like that – most of our tourists are absolutely common people when it comes to their physical training (many of them had only until then flown only in a civilian aircraft), and what’s even more important – their age was between 50-70!

Definitely a flight in a MiG-29 is no cheap luxury, but believe us, it’s worth every penny! A lot of people may say that with that money you could buy a brand new car, but look at it from another perspective – a lot of people can buy a brand new car, but how many people do you know that have flown the legendary Russian jet fighter MiG-29?

четверг, 26 ноября 2015 г.

New tourists who recently realized the dream of their life - The most exciting adventure in the World – Edge of Space Flight in MIG-29!

      MiG-29 Flights are becoming more and more attractive to all the family. Our last 2 clients came with their family and kids to Edge of Space Flight in MiG 29. Enrico, from Switzerland,  in October arrived to Moscow with his wife and little daughter to see Russia along with his MiG29 Flight Experience. He said that it was such a cool Adventure and that it exceed all his expectations. He dreamt about this flight in a jet fighter MiG-29 for the last 10 years. And it is so nice and pleasant that we are realizing dreams of our clients, like a fairy tale.  His little daughter liked the Kremlin very much, specially the Armoury Chamber.  Any person from 18 to 75 years old could realize this incredible Flight to the Stratosphere!
      His impressions you could read here http://www.bestrussiantour.com/impressions/enrico_egli
      In November Romulus from Romania arrived to Nizhniy Novgorod also with his 2 daughters and wife. The girls liked the city and Romulus said that he was amazed from the Edge of Space Flight. He is a big fan of extreme adventures, and it was first snow in the day of his flight, and the  MiG-29 in snow looks also very cool. Check out some photos in our gallery http://www.bestrussiantour.com/photogallery/3533 .
Romulus said that, for sure, will take the Edge of Space Flight in MiG 29 again! Impressions from Romulus you could read in our website   http://www.bestrussiantour.com/impressions/badea_romulus

      You see that it is so easy for people of different ages and countries come to Russia and realize the most exciting adventure  in the World – MIG-29 Flight.  Our professional team, that organizes MiG-29 Flights for 10 years, will do all the best to make your trip memorable, incluiding tour programs, excursions and support from our representatives.


вторник, 22 сентября 2015 г.

You could fly in MIG-29 to Stratosphere, see curvature of the Earth and black Space upon you! You could feel Supersonic Speed!

      Lots of people dream to make most Exciting Adrenaline Adventure in their life! But still searching what possible to do! You also don’t know what could impressed you?  And we could answer to you! There is one really unique adventure, which  is  “very difficult to exceed” – MiG 29 Flight to Stratosphere!
       You could fly to Stratosphere, see curvature of the Earth and black Space upon you! You could feel Supersonic Speed ! All this possible  in jet fighter MiG-29 Flight to Stratosphere! After reaching Stratosphere, on lower altitude, you will have all possible aerobatic maneuvers in MiG 29 which it could perform! High Adrenaline will overwhelmed you! Overloads up to 8G!
Sounds great, really??!!
      People, who have done this adventure said, that it is really highest adrenaline and speed and emotions, emotions! Lifetime adventure that they have done and they dream to come again and do it!
Smile of happiness on their faces, excited eyes and emotions like “Wooohooo” , “ Amazing” , “ Unbelievable”  J J J!!! I saw them each time, when I accompany people in their MiG 29 Flight experience to Nizhniy Novgorod. Yes, the only place in the world where you could flight in powerful and brilliant MiG-29 is situated in Russia. Great adventure in Russia and in Russian jet fighter MiG 29! Lots of people are very interested to come and explorer Russia and make this MiG-29 Flight!
You want to feel same highest Adrenaline? You want to feel highest emotions and to be one of the persons who have done Unique Adventure, flight in jet Fighter MiG-29! After which you could said to your friends, “Yeah, I am really cool!”  What you have done, climb on Everest or go on Safari? Hah! And I was flying in Russia jet Fighter on Supersonic Speed to Stratosphere, and this wonderful jet was only for me! Your friends will jealousJ!
      We are welcome you to Russia and to make MiG 29 Flight to Stratosphere !
       More than 230 people have done MiG 29 Flight in Russia with our company “Country of Tourism Ltd”!

пятница, 11 сентября 2015 г.

The most incredible aviation Adventure is the MiG-29 flights for civilians in Russia! Everyone, who is over 18 years old can participate in this unique MiG-29 flight super jet.

MiG-29 flights for civilians in Russia! Amazing Adventure for Aviation & Extreme lovers! Fly MiG-29 in Russia and become the coolest pilot around your friends! 

The most incredible aviation Adventure is the MiG-29 flights for civilians in Russia! Everyone, who is over 18 years old can participate in this unique MiG-29 flight super jet. There is only one place in the World, where you can fly a MiG-29 supersonic jet – it is Russia, the City of Nizhny Novgorod. At the “Sokol” airbase, our team will make you the best MiG-29 flight program according on your wishes and preferences.
   These MiG-29 flights are available every season of the year. MiG-29 and our brave test-pilots don’t afraid snow, rain, clouds. To fly a MiG-29 you need to book a flight in advance. The procedure of booking a MiG-29 flight is very simple. You need to contact the company “Country of Tourism LTD” and say: “I want to fly a MiG-29 to Stratosphere!”.
MiG-29 flight programs:
·         Subsonic Flight & Aerobatics in MIG-29 (25 min);
·         Supersonic Flight & Aerobatics in MiG-29 (45 min);
·         “Edge of Space” & Aerobatics in MiG-29 (45 min);
·         Suborbital Flight Training in MiG-29 (45 min).

четверг, 10 сентября 2015 г.

Zero Gravity experience - unique Space Adventure for everyone!

Zero – Gravity flight in Russia! Amazing flight in weightlessness in Moscow! Zero Gravity experience - unique Space Adventure for everyone!
   Zero Gravity flight in IL-76MDK is the most popular tourism service for individuals and groups of tourists. You have a great chance to feel real weightlessness, fly in absolutely freedom and enjoy atmosphere without any gravity restrictions.
   Attention! You need to book a Zero - Gravity flight in advance because we need 45 days to make all necessary documents for you!
   If you would like to take part in Zero – G experience with your own group, there is no problem, you need just contact us and book place for all group. Number of places is limited! Only 14 participants can take part in Zero-G flight!
  Zero–G flight is the unique Adventure, which is available only in Russia, as the Cosmonaut Training Centre “Star City” (20 km from Moscow).  

Increibles vuelos en MiG-29 para civiles! Acrobaciade Alto Pilotaje en MiG-29!

Increibles vuelos en MiG-29 para civiles! Acrobaciade Alto Pilotaje en MiG-29!

    En el Mundo, en siglo 21,  hay muchos diferentes aventuras, es cierto que hay muchos hombres y mujeres  que quieren vivir aventuras casi a diario con maneras diferentes. Para algunos es el viaje  en las montanas, para otras carreras en los coches deportivos, por ejemplo.
    Y solo hay unico lugar del Mundo, donde puedes volar en legendario avion combate MiG-29.
En los ultimos 9 anos nuestra agencia  «Country of Tourism Ltd» en asocio con la base aerea «Sokol»,  es importante saber, que los vuelos en MiG-29 permitieron del Gobierno Ruso,  los vuelos son legales.
Han realizado mas de 220 vuelos en avion de combate ruso MiG-29, el plan esta disenado para aventureros entusiastas, mas de 60% de los vuelos comerciales en el MiG-29 desde la base aerea «Sokol» han sido organizados por nuestra compania.
        En  ano 2006 nuestra  empresa comenzo a representar NAZ "Sokol". Tambien nuestra empresa  organiza un programa completa  de vuelos a los combates  y la cooperacion con las companias extranjeras, tenemos por eso Certificado.
         Tenemos muchos turistas de todo el mindo, diferentes paises, por ejemplo, Inglaterra, Eslovaquia, Suiza, Italia, Espana, Alemania, Australia, Brasil, China, India , Libano y otros, y tenemos impresiones de nuestros clientes en nuestra pagina web, eso se dice que clientes nos eligen y recomiendan a sus amigos, que muy importante para nosotros!