пятница, 19 мая 2017 г.

Mig-29 flights as an extreme adventure

Extreme adventures is a great way to get distracted from our everyday routine and troubles, free up your brains and shake mind.

Skydiving, ropejumping, African safari – all this has long been trivial and common. Have you ever dreamt about a truly unforgettable adventure, full of unusual feelings, the one you can proudly tell about your friends and cared ones? Now you can experience unique kind of extreme tourisms – flight on a real Russian fighter jetMiG-29. The fighter is able to reach speed up to 2500 kilometers per hour (more than 2.4 Mach), to perform the most complicated aerobatics and even climb up to 18 kilometers. From such an altitude it seems like the jet reached open space, as the rarefied atmosphere is colored in a dark blue, the bright Sun is not covered with clouds, while from the cockpit one can even see the Earth curvature!

Mig29 flight to Stratosphere (“Edge of Space”) is a unique adventure, available only in Russia! Our company partners with Russian “Sokol” aircraft producing plant, which provides jets for touristic flights. “The flights are absolutely legal, as our company is operating in accordance with Government Degree of 2005.

Almost everyone can enjoy Mig-29 flight – special pilot training and skills are not needed at all. Restrictions for a flight is negligible: age from 18, height no more than 205 santimeters, weight no more than 110 kilograms, no spine or brain surgical operations, and pressure not over 180. Both Russian and foreign citizens are able to fly.

MiG-29 flight could be an amazing gift! Along with unforgettable emotions and impressions we give you a Gift certificate. Date, time of a flight, duration, performed maneuvers and other details about a flight will be recorded in it.

You have to book a flight 65 days before the desirable flight date. So please book flight now!  

среда, 17 мая 2017 г.

3 ways to get to the Stratosphere

What is a Stratosphere? The Stratosphere is the one of the lowest layers of Earth atmosphere which depth is 16-50 kilometers. Below Stratosphere there is the Troposphere (0-15 kilometers above Earth ground), above it there is the Mesosphere (50-95 kilometers above Earth). If one reaches altitude of 16-18 kilometers, one can see amazing landscapes of Earth, surrounded by curly clouds, Earth curvature, blazing Sun and deep impervious darkness of open space. It feels absolutely like a space, but it is still Earth. Intriguing isn’t it?

Have you ever wanted to get to a real Stratosphere? Well, there are three ways to get there:
  • By a stratospheric balloon, filled with helium
  • By a spaceship
  • By an air jet 
Stratospheric balloon (High altitude balloon) was invented in 1783 but is still used by weather forecasting services. But stratospheric balloons are not equipped for a human travelling, and on the height of 15 kilometers one will definitely freeze out – on such altitudes the temperature is minus 70 Celsius degrees.

Spaceship travelling could be a good option for those who are interested in Stratosphere flights. But you have to undergo a special cosmonaut or astronaut training which can take months. Also space tourism is way much more expensive then flights on air jets.

The third way to get to the Stratosphere is to book a MiG-29 “Edge of Space” flight. Russian jet Mig29 can easily climb up to an altitude of 18 kilometers. Its indoor cabin protects “Stratosphere tourist” from harm cold and Sun radiation, while its wide cockpit allows tourist to view all astonishing landscapes of Earth, its curvature and darkness of space.

The price of such a flight is much cheaper then a space journey and you don’t have to endure harsh training course for cosmonauts or astronauts! Everyone aged from 18 to 78 can enjoy “Edge of Space” Mig-29 flights. By the way it is the only way to experience a flight on a real jet fighter!

“Edge of Space” flight program is very popular among our tourists. So join them and book it now!

понедельник, 15 мая 2017 г.

MiG-29: about a Russian lightning

MiG-29, Russian super jet also known as “Fulcrum-C”, is a 4-th generation air fighter. Since it was adopted in 1983 by the Soviet military and since its first flight in 1985 it has undergone a dozen of modifications. One of them was designed as a training jet for cadets of flying school who was to fly brand new jet. At that times only few best cadets was able to fly MiG29.

The principal feature of new modification was its new cockpit composition: it has two seats – for an experiencing instructor pilot, while the second one was intended for a cadet. The front seat was occupied by an instructor pilot, and not only he but also a second pilot-cadet was able to control the jet and correct a flight performed by a cadet.

But the times changed, and now even civilians can have a flight in Mig29. Its maneuverability and powerful engines allow to fly to the Stratosphere and because of its excellent view from its wide cockpit flight tourists can have a look at the space, Sun and Earth curvature!

Our flights are official and legal. We act strictly in accordance with the terms of Degree of the Russian Government. We are often asked if our flights are official and legal. Yes, they are absolutely official and legal! We arrange our flights strictly according to the terms of Degree of the Russian Government. Our clients are insured on 1 millions roubles, however for almost 10 years of our work we never experienced emergencies and malfunctions for every year all our jets are carefully examined by technical staff of the “Sokol” plant.

So dont waste your time - contact us and book MiG29 flights right now!

пятница, 12 мая 2017 г.

MiG-29 flight and a trip to Russia

Not so long whole Russia celebrated Victory Day (9-th of May) over the Nazi Germany in World War II. And that means not so much time left before the summer comes! And although current weather in Russia is not too promising, it is time to plan our summer holidays right now!

Summer time is traditionally a high season in Russia. The peak of a touristic interest falls on the second half of June and whole July, which is also the warmest month in Russia and the temperature shifts are not sharp. This year touristic high season is coupled with a Confederation cup 2017. But Confederacy cup is not the only reason to visit Russia this year: only in Russia tourists can enjoy a flight on a real air fighter, a legendary MiG-29 jet, which latest modifications are still in service in a Russian Air Forces. We offer three programs of Mig29 flights: aerobatics on a subsonic speed (25 minutes), aerobatics on a supersonic speed (40 minutes) and “Edge of Space” flight program - aerobatics and stratosphere flight up to 18 kilometers above Earth level!

For those who are interested in Russian culture, history, architecture, we have prepared a special 5-day tour, perfectly inscribed in your Mig29 flight, so that you can amplify your impression about Russia.

Here is the itinerary of 5-day tour:

Day one: upon your arrival in Moscow by regular plane our representative greets you at the airport, then we will bring you to the luxury 5-star “Metropol Hotel”. Till the end of the day you will have a time to check in the hotel, refresh and relax. On the evening we invite you to the traditional restaurant where you will taste national cuisine.

Day two: on the second day of your trip you’ll see Moscow during your sightseeing tour: visit Red Square, Manezh Square, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, MSU building and Sparrow hills, Tverskaya street, Novodevichy monastery and others. Experienced English speaking guide will tell you about Moscow and Russian history, culture, architecture. In the end of the tour you’ll have a dinner in a Russian restaurant. After the lunch you arrive to the train station and depart to Nizhny Novgorod in a first class train. After the arrival company representative meets you on the train station and help to check in the “Alexandrovkiy Garden” hotel. Don’t forget to rest until the next day!

Day three: Now that is your flight date! After the breakfast you are brought to the “Sokol” aviation plant and there you enjoy a real MiG29 flight.

Day four: On the next day you have a guided over Nizhny Novgorod and see its famous sites: Novgorod Kremlin, Church of Nativity of Most Holy Mother of God, Pechersky Ascension monastery, Chkalov Staircase and other sights.

Day five: This is your departure day! We hope you will come back to Russia for Zero Gravity flights and Baikonur trips.

Remember, that available flight dates in summer are almost over, so please hurry up and get you dream flight now!

среда, 10 мая 2017 г.

Have a flight on a legendary MiG-29

For almost ten years “Country of Space Tourism” has been arranging Mig-29 fighter flights in Russia. Our company is a partner of “Sokol” aircraft producing plant, on which airfield we conduct our flights for tourists.

MiG-29 is a Russian air fighter, developed in late 1970-es in the Soviet Union. At that time MiG-29 was supposed to be a brand new air fighter of the 4th generation. During the development of the air fighter Mikoyan design bureau, which leaded its engineering, decided that the main features of the new fighter would became maneuverability and speed. In 1983 MiG-29 was officially accepted as a new military aircraft. The fighter is still in service in Russian Air Forces. High maneuverability of MiG allowed it to easily perform spectacular aerobatic moves such as “Barrel”, “Loop”, “Combat turn”, “Tailslide”, “Hammerhead” and others, sweep over woods and fields on a supersonic speed, rocket up through the skies and reach an altitude of 18 kilometers! Because of amazing view from its cockpit, you will be able to see blackness of space, bright Sun and even the Earth’s curvature!

“Are those flights legal?” – we are often asked. Worry not, Mig29 flights are absolutely legal! We act according to the Degree of Russian Government of 2005. Safety of all flights is our top priority. All our clients gain insurance of 1 million roubles. But during almost than 10 years of our practice we have never experienced (had) any kind of emergence situation. All fighters which our clients fly in undergo strict technical examination by technical staff of “Sokol” aircraft plant, while our pilots are venerable  test pilots. They know everything about MiG 29… and even more!

If you are planning your summer vacation, you are to hurry up, because there are almost no free flight dates. So contact us and book your flight right now – the amount of bookings is limited! 

пятница, 5 мая 2017 г.

Visit this summer’s most amazing event MAKS 2017 aviation salon

This summer in Russia just a several dozen kilometers from Moscow will be held one of the most spectacular events in Russia – International Aviation and Space salon MAKS-2017. MAKS is an annual aviation and space salon that each year attracts more and more attention from all over the world. 6 days of MAKS 2017 are divided into two sections: one section (3 days) is for Russian officials, press, business, forums and panel discussions, the other one (3 days) is for ordinary guests and tourists.

MAKS 2017 could be interesting for those people who is into worlds aviation and high technologies. It is not only an outstanding exhibition site where one can see both classical and modern planes, jets and aerospace equipment, although this is what attracts world’ entrepreneurs. MAKS is also a thrilling airshow which unites top air display teams. From the Russian side, MAKS guests will see aerobatics performed by famous air display team “Russkie Vitiazy”(stands for Russian Knights) and “Strizhy” (Swifts) along with unique demonstration flights of the “Sokoly Rossii” (Russian Falcons) as was recently confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Visitors will be able to see up-to-date helicopters, strategic supersonic bombers and fighters such as MiG-29SMT and Su-30SM.

We offer an exclusive tours, during which one can not only visit exhibitions but also to enjoy its most spectacular part – the airshow. There are 2 types of tours available for booking: 4-day tour and 6-day tours. During 4-day tour you can visit MAKS 2017 when it is available for ordinary visitors (21st -23rd of July). Booking of 6-day tour will allow you to visit one extra day with limited entrance for special guests.

среда, 3 мая 2017 г.

Three days MiG-29 trip

“Country of Space Tourism ltd” arranges VIP adventures such as flights in a Russian jetfighter MiG-29. The flight could be an amazing present for a true fan of aviation, space or extreme adventures or could be your chance to realize your childhood dream. But it could also be a great opportunity to visit Russia if you haven’t done it yet!

We can offer two types of a touristic program: 3-day MiG-29 flight trip and 5-day MiG-29 flight trip. 3-day tour is builded around a tour over Nizhny Novgorod, where the “Sokol” plant is located. 5-day tour includes both Nizhny Novgorod tour and Moscow tour.

The itinerary of the 3-day tour is the following:

Day one: upon your arrival, you will be greeted by our representative at the train station from where you will be transferred to the Alexandrovsky Garden hotel. The rest of the day is free, you can rest and relax waiting for the flight day. We strongly recommend you not to eat fat or heavy food, drink alcoholic drinks before the flight.

Day two: after a breakfast you will be greeted by our representative in the lobby of the hotel and transferred to the “Sokol” plant where you will perform the trip of your whole life – MiG-29 flight to theStratosphere! After the flight is over you can either rest or have a dinner with a traditional Russian food.

Day three: on the next day you will have a relaxing sightseeing tour over Nizhny Novgorod town. You will see its Novgorod Kremlin, founded in 1044, Church of Nativity of Most Holy Mother of God, founded and sponsored by one of the richest merchant of 17th century – Grigory Stroganov, Pechersky Ascension monastery which once was the religious and spiritual center of the town, Chkalov Staircase named after Valery Chkalov being the first man in history to complete a non-stop flight through the North Pole from Moscow and many other sights.

The price of a 3-day MiG-29 flight trip is 800 euros (buisiness class) and 400 euros (for econom class).

Go realize your dream and book an amazing trip over Russian cities just as a bonus!